Aqua Relief Pad

Typical Heat Applications

Typical Cold Applications

Aqua Relief Pad

Aqua Relief flexible hot & cold water pad Unique water-based muscle therapy technology. No need to refill after every use. No chemical compounds. Flexes around muscles and supports joints and limbs. Completely portable. Refrigerate for cold, Microwave for heat. Unique pain relief for sports injuries and arthritis and body aches

Aqua Relief Neck

The AQUA-RELIEF System includes two conductive, moist heating pads which are used to promote relaxation of muscles prior to, and during, massage. They are non-electric, non-chemical and portable, delivering safe, soothing, uniform heat
The AQUA-RELIEF Pads are cushioned with internal foam and are simply filled with hot water or microwaved before use. When used to relax muscles or reduce pain, you can work quicker and more effectively, providing your client something very special. Your clients will love these pads

Aqua Relief Pads is Effect for Hot and Cold